Home Business Access Add-on

$9.00 / month

This product can only be purchased by members. To purchase this product, sign up by purchasing Individual Access, Content Creator or Content Creator Plus.


In addition to your Individual Access plan, you can choose to subscribe to various add-on agreements which provide you with further coverage. As an alternative to our Small Business subscription, individuals who operate a small home business may use this Home Business add-on to gain various legal services which can help in the operation of the business.

Services You Receive as a Subscriber: texttext

  • Telephone Consultation – As an Access Small Business subscriber, you are entitled to telephone consultations on 3 business-related legal matters per month.
  • “Strongly Worded” Letter or Phone Call – You can resolve most legal issues with a strongly worded letter or phone call from your attorney. As part of your Access subscription, we’ll contact the other party and see if we can correct the issue as soon as possible.
  • Specialty Consultations – Certain legal matters may require an extra touch which we can’t provide in a single telephone consultation. Especially in relation to certain aspects of business law, your case could require some extra assistance. For this reason, we also provide specialty consultation services for any cases which center on the topics of:
    • Employment
    • Taxes
    • Securities
    • Intellectual Property
    • International Law
    • Import/Export and Customs Matters
    • Antitrust
    • IRS Audits
  • Document Review – Following your initial consultation, you can submit any legal document of 15 pages or less for review. We’ll have one of our attorneys look over it and make any needed recommendations so that it will conform to state and federal law.

Exclusions and Additional Information

For a full description of this Access plan, see the contract in its entirety on our firm’s home page: https://tingenwilliams.com/legal/home-business-add-on-retainer-agreement